Devotional: The Power of a Praying Wife

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Well, I gave it a go.

I tried really hard.

I did read the whole book.

But I just didn’t respond to it the way I thought I would. I wasn’t hugely inspired. I didn’t feel miraculous change. Towards the middle, I started wishing it were over. And that almost never happens when I read a book. Usually, when I hit the middle I start getting anxious because it means the end is near! It’s not that this was a horrible devotional…that’s not it at all. It was wonderfully written with tons of useful information. It was biblically based, full of scripture and written in a way that its very easy to follow.

My problem with this devotional was simply this: it is full of anecdotes from the author’s marriage BEFORE God healed it. It almost seemed as if it is intended for troubled marriages, and the relevance and urgency is lost if your marriage is healthy and thriving. Now, I’m not claiming to have a perfect marriage…but my husband and I do, for the most part, have very few problems (praise the Lord!). It was really hard for me to relate to the anecdotal support the author offers in her book.

On the positive side: The scriptural references and sample prayers were excellent resources.

I do, however, highly recommend Stormie Omartian’s The Power of a Praying Parent. I found it very comforting, empowering and insightful.


The Power of a Praying Wife: Week 1

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the-power-of-a-praying-wife This week I read about praying for the following areas of my husband’s life:

1. His Wife: This chapter talks about the importance of having a pure heart when praying for your husband. The author introduced a wonderful, “why didn’t I think of that?”, notion in suggesting that the wife prays, “Lord, change me,” rather than, “Lord, change him.” Something that was particularly affirming to me was the section on creating a home: 

Part of making a house a home is allowing your husband to be the head so you can be the heart. Trying to be both is too much. God placed the husband as the head over the family whether he deserves it or not and whether he rises up to take his position or not. It’s God’s order of things.

Other important points: let go of your expectations and respect, praise, and encourage your husband.For a biblical list of the characteristics of a godly wife, read Proverbs 31.

2. His Work: A man often finds that his identity is tied to his work. If he feels like a failure at work, he’ll feel like a failure at home. If he feels fulfilled in their work, he’ll feel more fulfilled in general. The author writes how people who have had actively praying parents seem to find their life’s work early–they have a sense of purpose and destiny that propels them in the right direction. My husband has been actively seeking the Lord’s will for his career, and finds peace in knowing that ultimately the Lord wants him to be a teacher and a coach.

As a parent, I was convicted in my neglecting to pray for my children in this area. I am glad to have been made aware of this missing link in my prayer for them.

3. His Finances: Again, much of who a man is and what he experiences in life is wrapped up in how he relates to his work and finances. It is important to commit your finances to the Lord and be wise stewards of the provision He gives to you. It’s also important to realize that it’s okay to pray that the storehouses of blessing will be opened upon him, but pray that all riches come from the hand of God.

Devotional for August: The Power of a Praying Wife

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I’m a big reader. I read, on average, two or three books a week. Reading is a driving force in my life… I can’t NOT read. But I’ve realized that I’ve been reading novels, which are entertaining and escapist but not particularly helpful. 
My new project is to read one self-help/devotional book a month and to make regular weekly posts about what I learn. I picked The Power of a Praying Wife, by Stormie Omartian to read during the month of August. This book is supposed to help me learn to pray more efficiently for my husband, in these particular areas:
  • his spiritual walk
  • his emotions
  • his roles as father, leader and decision maker
  • his security in work and finances
  • his health and physical protection
  • his faith and his future
The book is broken down into 30 chapters, each ending with scripture and a specific prayer relating to the chapter’s subject matter. One chapter a day is certainly doable! 
I look forward to learning and hope that God will continue to change and form my heart into what He wants it to be! If by chance there is a reader that would like to walk through this book with me, let me know and we can do it together!

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