Not-So-Fun Friday

August 8, 2009 at 4:57 pm | Posted in Friday Funday, Homemaking, Random Nothings | 2 Comments

My plans for Family Funday fell through when I realized that I had

at least 8 loads of laundry to do…

And two sink-fulls of dishes…

And sheets to change…

And rubbish to empty and take outside…

And a bathroom toilet to scrub…

And an entire house to vacuum.


Oh, well. At least Friday comes along every seven days!

We’ll try again next week.




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  1. time to put the kiddos to work woman!!!! man how do you do it all!? i have to enslave my kids to get things done around the house and then when this baby comes, oh lord!

  2. you’re funny kehau! seriously, it took me a while to find the housekeeping groove. and i don’t have an outside 9-5 job. but it’s always challenging and i definitely have days when i think i’m gonna lose it…but for the most part, i enjoy it. my kids are pretty good helpers, they don’t mind watching the baby if i need to do the laundry or wash a load of dishes. i’m sure your leila will be an awesome baby-watcher for you when your little one comes!

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