The best thing that happened today was…

April 23, 2009 at 4:58 pm | Posted in Family Photos, Kanoa Family Update | Leave a comment

Momma- “making a cute wall hanging for Emma when I should have been working on my museum and Etsy orders! Drinking sweet tea with lemon sorbet and watching Martha Stewart was pretty great too.”
Emma- “I got to play around with my sister and I got to play with my brother and I like it because he likes me to tickle him and he laughs. And I got to draw about like twenty-four pieces of paper. I also liked playing with my friends on the playground. And I also like making Judah laugh almost every day.”
Gracie- “I got a lots of stuff to say because Emma got a lot. Okay, momma? I liked the bacon sandwich because I tried it. I love bacon sandwiches! I got to play around with my brother Judah. He’s so funny because I like to play with him. Even Judah’s a small baby, he can still play around with me. And I love my momma! That’s all.”
Judah- “discovering that I have feet, looking at the duckies on my socks, rolling over on the blanket, playing with my sisters, laughing with my sisters, standing up, sitting on my sister’s lap, pulling Emma’s hair, hanging around with momma, and I totally liked Gracie smelling my feet and Emma jiggling me around.” 
(according to Em and Grace)   

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