Chicken Soup

March 17, 2009 at 9:19 pm | Posted in Parenting | Leave a comment

Today my big girl Emma had the stomach flu. She stayed home from school, spending the better part of the day in bed. She had all of the symptoms, and let’s just say it made for a very busy day. Thank goodness I was able to find a can of Lysol to disinfect every hour or so! Between nursing the baby and changing diapers, making sure Gracie was fed and supervised, and taking care of a very sick kid, I really felt like I might lose it. By the time my husband came home, dinner groceries in hand, I was ready to call it a day. Which, by the way, you can never do when you have three kids.

The ingredients for chicken soup were in the bag, and I got to work straight away, peeling carrots, chopping onions, celery and parsley. While I was sauteing the onions, Gracie came in and spilled a container of chocolate cookie crumbs on the floor. Stop cooking, clean up mess. Then Emma came wandering in claiming she just might faint if she couldn’t have something to eat that very second. Stop cooking, search for soda crackers. Then my husband came in for something… stop cooking again. It took twice as long as usual to cook the soup.
When it was finally time to sit down and eat, I looked over at my two girls in their High School Musical pajamas. They were so sweet, sitting with perfect manners at the dinner table. Gracie said the dinner prayer, the same prayer as always: Dear God, Thank you for today. Thank you for my family. Thank you for our food. Please help me to be healthy. Please help me to be big and strong. Amen. Simple words spoken with such faith. Here I was, grumpy, grouchy mom, upset about things that really did not matter like a messy floor and a late dinner. I asked the Lord to help me be truly thankful for the things Gracie mentions in her prayer: thank you for today, Lord, even though it was full of Lysol and dirty diapers. Thank you for my husband, who is always patient and kind, and for my three healthy, wonderful kids. Thank you for always providing what we need, for simple things like chicken soup (and ice cream for dessert!). Help me to be a better wife and momma, especially on days when I feel like throwing in the towel.

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